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When Christian and Jon set down the path of overcoming a seemingly-impossible diagnosis, they had to do so from scratch - spending thousands of hours researching, experimenting, and trying to find others who had walked in their shoes. GoingWell aims to provide a major head start to the next cancer patient by providing them the resources and inspiration they need from cancer survivors who have succeeded in walking their very same path. 

GoingWell is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is entirely donor-funded, allowing patients to receive this potentially life-saving head start at zero cost. Your donation, big or small, helps the next patient find the hope and guidance they need, and we all truly, truly appreciate your support.

Your donation is fully tax-deductible and you'll receive an automated receipt upon submission. We also fully support corporate donation matching programs. If you have any questions about the donation process or would like to make a donation via another method, or have questions or feedback around anything GoingWell, please feel free to reach out to

Thank you again. Your generosity is going to make a big difference in the lives of patients and their loved ones, and your support means the world. <3

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