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Grounding Sleep Products!

  • Say goodbye to inflammation and hello to your best night's sleep! 
  • Grounding is the practice of making direct contact with the earth’s surface, typically by walking barefoot outside. From a scientific perspective, we now know that connection to the Earth’s surface provides a negative electrical charge, which helps rid the body of excess electricity and lower inflammation. This connection has been shown in high-quality studies to have a significant anti-inflammatory effect and provides benefit to countless aspects of human health.
  • Grounding has been super impactful for both cancer patients and anyone looking to improve their sleep & well-being. Check out some products from NorthStar Grounding below:

Recommended Books on Integrative Cancer Healing

Kelly Turner - Radical Remission and Radical Hope


  • Kelly Turner, Ph.D is one of the most impactful and inspirational voices in the integrative cancer healing space. Her two books above, Radical Remission and Radical Hope, are filled with incredible research and are must-reads for anyone considering a holistic approach to their cancer or their lifestyle in general. 

Chris Wark - Chris Beat Cancer and Beat Cancer Daily

   beat cancer daily

  • Millions of readers have followed Chris Wark's journey on his blog and podcast Chris Beat Cancer. In his books, he dives deep into the reasoning and scientific foundation behind the approach and strategies that he used to successfully heal his body from stage-3 colon cancer.

    Danielle Wotherspoon - Cancer Healed Naturally

    cancer healed naturally

    • Danielle, who was told in 2009 she only had a few years to live after being diagnosed with breast cancer, shares her successful journey on the "road less traveled" of alternative cancer treatment. The aim of her healing journey was not only to lengthen her life but also to have quality of life, even while she was in the process of healing.

    Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology

    • 7 physicians collaborated to put together a comprehensive review of mistletoe therapy, which has long been considered a viable treatment for cancer by the European medical community and is beginning to gain recognition in North America as well. While this book should not be considered a treatment or diagnostic manual, it is intended to both prepare practitioners to begin mistletoe therapy training and to make this information available in an accessible form to anyone interested in learning about this approach to treating cancer.

    Glenn Sabin - N of 1

    n of 1

    • Glenn Sabin was a 28-year-old newlywed diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) - a disease doctors called "uniformly fatal". Glenn made a monumental decision to become his own health advocate and began his own medically monitored and carefully researched lifestyle changes. He would conduct his own single-patient clinical trial. He would become an "n of one". Today, Glenn is not only alive, but a 2012 biopsy at Harvard confirmed that his bone marrow contains no leukemic cells.

    Jamie Holmes - Carrots Coffee Cancer

    • Jamie Holmes shares her remarkable healing journey in overcoming stage 3b melanoma. After her diagnosis, she knew that she was going to heal her body holistically, with love and respect, and to treat her cancer as a symptom of a body in disarray. Today, she is thriving ten years post-diagnosis and aims to give patients hope, insight, and the impetus to delve deep into their own choices of treatment.

    Dr. Ruth Heidrich - A Race For Life

    dr ruth

    • In her mid-forties, Ruth Heidrich was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing a double mastectomy, she challenged herself to the punishing Ironman Triathlon, and twenty years later, she is still running, cancer-free, and positive about life. This is her story. She describes her fight with cancer, the healing powers of proper nutrition, and the rewards of running the toughest races in the world.

    Kathy Bero - E.A.T.: An Unconventional Decade In The Life Of A Cancer Patient

    eat kathy bero

    • E.A.T. An Unconventional Decade in the Life of a Cancer Patient is a transparent, honest, and relatable account of battling cancer through the prism of healing. Kathy’s genuine optimism and passion for life is contagious in this candid and deeply human story that speaks straight to the heart, providing insight into how she created her own integrative healing protocol and overcame cancer. With a life expectancy of just 21 months, Kathy's healing demonstrates how inner work just for today can change a disastrous outcome into an unexpected victory.






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