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Rob Prior - Kidney Cancer

Rob Prior - Kidney Cancer

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** As featured on ChrisBeatCancer here ** 

How Rob cured himself of cancer without surgery, chemo or radiation

In January 2013, author and musician Rob Prior experienced his worst nightmare when he was diagnosed with late Stage 3 cancer. The CT-scans showed he had a 6.5cm tumor in his right kidney. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his liver was seriously damaged and he was on death’s doorstep.

The specialist recommended immediate surgery, but Rob decided not to rush into it. Then came the difficult decision on whether to put his faith in modern medicine or holistic healing protocols.

Fortunately, he had the guidance of some remarkable people. An integrative practitioner with a good track record, a gifted emotional healer, a brilliant naturopath and a community of people who had successfully healed themselves of cancer holistically.

Combining his scientific background and intuition, he pieced together the jigsaw puzzle and came to the conclusion that the human body is an extraordinary self-healing organism.

Rob made profound changes to his diet, lifestyle and mindset, and adopted a wide range of detox protocols.

Thirteen months later he was in perfect health. His kidney tumor was gone and his liver was in perfect condition. Now almost 10 years since his diagnosis, Rob’s health is better than ever.

Not only that, but Rob also experienced a remarkable personal, emotional and spiritual transformation.

What You'll Get
A personalized video from Rob, sharing his story & the healing methods he used as well as insight & thought for you as you progress on your healing journey.

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