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Bailey O'Brien - Melanoma

Bailey O'Brien - Melanoma

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**Bailey has been featured in New York Times best-selling series Radical Remission, as being one of the least likely of cancer survivors to find success.**

Story (short-version):
After finding 7 tumors and being diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma, I decided to stand up for my health, go with my gut (against my doctor's orders) and pursue alternative treatments. I went to a hospital in Mexico where I received the Coley Fluid, started a modified version of the Gerson therapy (including a strict diet and use of coffee enemas), and received laetrile (vitamin B17), high dose vitamin C infusions, and vitamin supplements. 

I implemented the above regimen, prayed for a miracle, and 6 weeks after starting the regimen, a PET scan revealed that all 7 tumors had gone away!

What You'll Get
A personalized video from Bailey, sharing her story & the healing methods she used as well as insight & thought for you as you progress on your healing journey.

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