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Bob Granata - Peritoneal Cancers

Bob Granata - Peritoneal Cancers

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**Bob has been featured in New York Times best-selling series Radical Remission, for being one of the least likely of cancer survivors to find success.**

Story (short version)
In 2014, Bob Granata was diagnosed with stage 4 appendiceal cancer, which changed the trajectory of his life. After extensive surgery to remove most of the cancer, he was told he would only live for six more months. But Bob was determined not to let cancer be the end of his story. He chose to use integrative methods – combining the best of both conventional and alternative medicine – and believes that his positive mindset helped to change everything. He remained in remission for two years until 2016 when his cancer, unfortunately, came back. Nevertheless, he double-downed on his efforts and managed to achieve remission again in 2019.

Since 2019, he has had no evidence of cancer.

What You'll Get
A personalized video from Bob, sharing his story & the healing methods he used as well as insight & thought for you as you progress on your healing journey.

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