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Cynthia Chin-Lee - Breast Cancer

Cynthia Chin-Lee - Breast Cancer

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Story (short version):
At the age of 62, a month after I retired from over 30 years in high tech, I found out I had early stage breast cancer (invasive lobular carcinoma). Having witnessed a good friend heal her breast cancer using both conventional (surgery) and integrative methods (food, meditation, energy healing) 18 years earlier, I decided to try an integrative approach.

I had a special PET scan (mammiPET) for estrogen-positive breast cancer in May 2021, which confirmed my biopsy of high intake of estrogen from the tumor. Eight months later I took a second mammiPET, which showed no uptake of estrogen, indicating no evidence of cancer. I reversed my breast cancer without surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy.

What You'll Get
Support and personalized guidance from Cynthia, who has researched the low-methionine diet and how it reverses cancer. Author of eight books, Cynthia is currently working with Mark Simon, director of the Nutritional Oncology Research Institute and Dr. Robert Hoffman, chief executive of AntiCancer, Inc. producer of the enzyme methioninase, a patented supplement for degrading methionine, the amino acid which feeds cancer cells.


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