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Dr. Ruth Heidrich, PhD - Breast Cancer

Dr. Ruth Heidrich, PhD - Breast Cancer

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Story (short-version):

As a long-time runner & marathoner and careful about what I ate, I thought I was as healthy as I could be for my age, 47. I was shocked when I found a large lump in my right breast but figured it had to be just a benign cyst as 4 out of 5 are. Even more shocked and stunned by the news that it was cancer! Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, Stage 4 diagnosed by excisional biopsy, 5 cm with no clear margins. I asked everyone I knew if they knew of anyone who had breast cancer. None did. I went to the library and found few books on breast cancer. Then when I saw an announcement of breast cancer/diet research being conducted, I thought, "Here is hope; that I can find out how I got cancer despite all my exercise plus what I thought was a healthy diet." When I met the man who was conducting this research, Dr. John McDougall, he told me what he knew about diet and cancer, convinced me that it had to be my diet, and that chemo/radiation would not cure my cancer or not even prevent recurrence, but cause damage to my immune system just when I needed it the most. Since my oncologist couldn't provide any research on chemo/radiation that I wanted to see, my decision was to go with the diet.

After two hours of Dr. McDougall showing me that animal foods and oils were the cause of my cancer, and that by changing to a Whole Food/Plant-based, no oil diet, my cancer would be stopped dead in its tracks and considered a "cure". And that was 41 years ago! Even more, my next marathon took 17 minutes off my best time, and two years later, I crossed the finish line of the Kona Ironman Triathlon.

What You'll Get
The treatment of breast cancer is the diet. It is simple but not always easy as it can be challenging to implement. With adequate support and the almost immediate rewards, it can be done. You'll receive a personalized video from Dr. Ruth with her insight.

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