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Elyn Jacobs - Breast Cancer

Elyn Jacobs - Breast Cancer

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Story (short-version):

In December of 2006, I had my very first (and last) mammogram. The end result was hormone positive breast cancer, stage 0 and stage 1. Because there was so much cancer in my left breast, a mastectomy was the only surgical option at the time. I was told that nothing further was needed and that I had very little chance of recurrence. I did take a low dose of Tamoxifen for a short time, but the side effects were problematic, and I was certain that it would not extend my life. I had two small children and dying was not an option. My oncologist explained to me that it was past emotional trauma that caused my cancer. I believe he was mostly right, but also perhaps a bit of the perfect storm.

Fast forward to October 2014 when I found a tiny lump in my armpit. I agreed to have that one involved node removed to get the pathology. Other than finding out I was now stage 3, I received no other useful information. Unfortunately, removal of that node (and others he was not authorized to remove) resulted in several more involved nodes. I did not allow anyone to remove them. I declined the chemo, radiation, and hormone blockers. My oncologist did not deny that this recommended standard of care would not save me, which was remarkable, and supported me in my healing journey. My plan was extensive and included a lot of trauma healing, targeted supplementation, and many other supportive measures.

Exactly one year after the diagnosis, I was clear of cancer. I continue to have annual sonograms and cancer marker tests done several times a year. All clear.

What You'll Get
Custom guidance from Elyn on resolving the reasons for one’s cancer, healing from which may include recommendations for emotional healing, dietary changes, appropriate supplementation, and exercise programs. With over 15 years of research, and having coached hundreds of others with cancer, she will help you find the right healing path for your cancer.

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