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Christian Hegarty - Osteosarcoma

Christian Hegarty - Osteosarcoma

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 Story (short-version): In July 2020, Jon's 23-year old brother Christian was told by his oncology team that his bone cancer had returned. Unfortunately, he was largely out of viable options. He could try chemo again, the same drug he already had taken previously, but it was almost surely not going to work.

That's when Jon had a powerful feeling - why would we do something that surely wasn't going to work, and ruin his immune system and health in the meantime? After lots of researching, books, PubMed articles, and phone calls with other patients, we dove in with an exhaustive holistic and naturopathic approach. 

Christian is now ~20 months in “remission,” meaning that he hasn’t seen any cancer growth during this time. It continues to remain unclear if the lesions in his lungs represent scar tissue or active disease, though each 3-month stable scan gives us more confidence in the stickiness of his remission.

What You'll Get
Custom guidance from Jon, who has researched every holistic method under the sun and is helping cancer patients find the best natural path to approach tackling their disease, as well as input from Christian, a successful survivor against impossible odds. Jon researches potential sources for your disease based on your diagnosis / lifestyle / risk factors, going deep on relatively unexplored areas such as environmental impacts on cancer in your specific region. He will enable finding the right healing path in any way possible.

From Jon

Examples of Previous Work
Example 1 Link: Video Presentation with Research & Suggestions for Pancreatic Cancer
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Client response: Unreal presentation. The family was extremely moved.
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Client response: Ok, thank you again. I really have no words other than thank you. This gave me a ray of hope, something to look forward to.
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