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Kathy Bero - Breast Cancer

Kathy Bero - Breast Cancer

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Story (short-version):
In 2005, Kathy Bero was diagnosed with stage IV inflammatory breast cancer, and in 2006, she was diagnosed with a high-grade mucoepidermoid carcinoma in her head and neck. With children aged two and seven, three dogs and a barn full of animals, she white-knuckled her way through toxic treatments, severe side-effects and an array of surgeries, all of which led to a body full of failing organs. Instead of succumbing, Bero learned to step away from conventional protocols to become a powerful self-advocate with a dedicated trust in her innate healing abilities. With a life expectancy of just 21 months, Kathy's healing demonstrates how stepping outside of the protocol box and doing our inner work just for today can change a disastrous outcome into an unexpected victory. Her genuine optimism and passion for life is contagious, and her insight into how she created her own integrative healing protocol is inspiring. Cancer free since 2008, Bero's case has piqued the interest of Harvard University's NEER study, looking to understand individuals with unexpected success battling cancer. As the ninth participant accepted into the study, she is hoping their work will lead to big changes in conventional medical protocols. Bero's steadfast belief is that true health care reform starts with clean, high-quality food paired with energy healing modalities that deepen our spiritual connection. Her approach was simple, attainable, and obviously sustainable, embracing the idea of that which you give attention to grows.

Kathy continues to be cancer free, and her life, while not entirely back to normal, is better than close enough.

What You'll Get
Custom guidance from Kathy based on her program Heal Just For Today. Heal Just For Today provides simple, attainable, and sustainable tools designed to help you become a powerful self-advocate. Some call it holistic healing. Some call it alternative healing. Kathy calls it intentional healing that only requires your attention just for today. In order to create your personalized video, Kathy would appreciate hearing any information you would like to provide that includes what you've done with your doctors and what you've done on your own to recover from cancer or other chronic disease your dealing with. Any scan results or changes in bloodwork would also be very helpful. Should you decide to sign up for Kathy's program Heal Just For Today, you'll find it's tailor made for you and your lifestyle, starting with learning to eat with the intention to heal. If you think you know how to use food as medicine, you might find that Kathy’s coaching dispels some pervasive myths and provides a framework for effective evidence based results. From there you’ll move to learning how to release and manage disease promoting stress. Finally, Kathy will teach you how to easily access your innate healing abilities for a complete healing. This is often the most surprising and life changing part of the program. In addition, she offers consultations that address your specific questions and assistance planning for meetings with doctors and other members of your team, because integrative healing does not exclude your medical practitioners. From Kathy’s point of view, having healed from two rare and aggressive cancers using this same approach, the difficult part is deciding if you’re all in just for today. Because if you’re not all in, you’re not in at all.

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