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Kelley Giaramita, RN - Breast & Colon Cancers

Kelley Giaramita, RN - Breast & Colon Cancers

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Story (short-version):
Both of Kelley’s healing journeys are as different as night and day. Her first was in 2018 with a shocking diagnosis of Stage 3a colon cancer. She had a limited time to make a decision on surgery and other treatments, and initially no roadmap that addressed the emotional/spiritual side of cancer. She reluctantly and fearfully chose a hemicolectomy to remove 1/3rd of her colon, followed by 18 months of IV infusion therapy. In 2023 when she was looking forward to celebrating her five years of being cancer-free, she started her second healing journey, this time from breast cancer. Following a root canal procedure she had lymphatic swelling that did not subside, and subsequently after various diagnostic tests, including a breast biopsy, a small cancerous tumor was found.

The main difference between Kelley’s two healing journeys is that the second time she had useful tools to de-stress her experience, starting from the day of diagnosis. Some of these empowering tools included understanding the emotional/mental/spiritual stages along the Cancer Journey Roadmap, as well as the Radical Remission 10 Healing Factors. She continues to dive deep into the Healing Factors and to be coached by certified coaches (like herself) who have the wisdom from their own cancer journeys as well as coaching skills that are a vital addition to a healthcare team.

In addition, during Kelley’s second healing journey she had more time to focus on various forms of healing with an amazing, supportive team. She also had experience and knowledge from five years of being coached and trained by a variety of programs. After her 2023 surgery, which included a breast lumpectomy and removal of 5 lymph nodes, the surgical pathology report revealed no cancer!

What You'll Get
As a Certified Cancer Journey Coach, as well as a Radical Remission Health Coach, Kelley will show you how she brought together the Cancer Journey Institute’s Roadmap with Radical Remission’s 10 Healing Factors to maximize the benefit from both along each stage of her healing journey. Her coaching and videos bring a refreshing approach to being with the emotional side of the healing journey from cancer.

Video includes:

Part 1: You are not alone! De-stressing the Emotional Side of Your Healing Journey

  • Find out about the stages of a healing journey that Kelley and others have commonly experienced. Each stage is named after various patterns of weather and seasons to help reorient yourself during the “stormy times,” as well as discover ways to bring in your “sunshine” of hope.

Part 2: Making it your own “There is no one right way. There is simply a way that feels right to you.” - Call of Cancer.

  •  A worksheet will be provided to follow-along with the video and to further help you customize your own map that is aimed to further de-stress your healing journey.

To learn more about Kelley, check out her website!

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